Dandong Shenghai Foodstuff Co., Ltd
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About us
  Dandong Shenghai Foodstuff Co., Ltd is founded in 2013, we have successfully passed the registration of the United States, Vietnam, South Korea and Indonesia, also have been honorably approved of HACCP certification and the ISO22000:2008 quality system of certificate.
  The company covers the total area of 39000 square meters with its storing capacity of 10000T, daily freezing capacity 200T, annual production power of 10000T.The subordinate processing plants have been equipped with a number of fine processing production lines and corresponding advanced equipment and facilities which firmly ensure the top quality and good reputation. Our company is the comprehensive one undertaking cold-storing and processing of aquatic products, processing of agricultural and sideline products and business of import and export. Our main products: clam, surf clam, whelk, shellfish, razor clam, octopus and so on. We have established favorable and extensive business relations with companies from USA, Japan, Canada, Australia and many other countries and regions etc.
Shellfish Fish Others
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